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Consulting with Landowners

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Consulting with Land Owners

As part of the Neighbourhood Plan process, we need to hear from anyone who owns land in the parish of Bierton & Broughton who may wish to see this land developed in the future

Whilst Aylesbury Vale District Council already has a list of sites and their suitability for alternative use, we need to make sure that all landowners have the opportunity to put forward land to be considered.

If you own land in the parish of Bierton & Broughton and would like to put this forward for assessment, now is the time to do this, and we would like to hear from you.

Please contact Bierton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group:

by e-mail:,


write to us at: Neighbourhood Plan Committee, 13 Burcott Close, Bierton,

Bucks, HP22 5DH

Consultation with land owners is now closed

As a landowner in the parish of Bierton and Broughton you are also a stakeholder and we would like to hear from you regardless so we can include you in the survey

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