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What Can A Neighbourhood Plan Do?

What Can, and What Can’t, our Neighbourhood Plan do?

A Neighbourhood Plan must be part of the wider Development Plan for Bierton

A Neighbourhood Plan Can:

· Provide us with a greater opportunity to influence how the area where people live and work will change over time

· Develop a shared vision for our neighbourhood

· Influence what needs protecting e.g. identify and protect important local green spaces, important community buildings and assets of historical or archaeological interest

· Choose where new homes, shops, offices and other development should be built (where and what development type)

· Decide where schools can be expanded or new schools built (in discussion with the LEA)

· Promote more development than proposed in the Local Plan

· Influence what new buildings should look like

· Include policies that take precedence over existing local policies in the Local Plan. E.g. housing type, and housing number (if greater than the number of houses allocated), housing location, the need for community facilities, design principles, preservation of certain spaces

· Redefine the village development confines if these are within the overall designated Neighbourhood Plan area.

A Neighbourhood Plan Can’t:

Stop housing developments that have been approved or are going through the process of being approved

· Go against any strategic policies in the Local Plan e.g. agreed housing allocation, employment land allocation, conservation areas

· Be used to prevent any form of development that is included in the Local Plan

· Be about general parish issues e.g. speeding, condition of pavements, street lighting

· Be used to improve or solve problems with existing developments – the Neighbourhood Plan is about future planning

· Conflict with European Union requirements relating to the environment and natural habitats

· Cover an area outside the Neighbourhood Plan area that has been designated by the District Council.


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