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Why are we preparing a Neighbourhood Plan?

Why is Bierton with Broughton preparing a Neighbourhood Plan?

Bierton with Broughton Parish is a mixed urban and rural area, and includes conservation areas, green spaces and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty which the Parish Council considers important to protect from development. We are keen to see our parish remain a vibrant community, and to have some control over the future location and type of housing and other development in the Parish.

Our Draft Vision:

‘To ensure Bierton with Broughton parish maintains its historic identity whilst being a sociable and forward looking community with amenities and facilities for all.’

Through the process of developing a Neighbourhood Plan, and with your help, we would like to:

· Understand and respond to local housing needs and determine where future housing should go

· Manage transport and traffic, including parking

· Support existing businesses and retail in the parish

· Protect the green spaces in the parish

· Protect heritage and archaeological assets

· Avoid coalescence with other parishes

· Consider pressure on school places

· Ensure adequate access to community and leisure facilities

Please tell us if we have missed anything!

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